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Where to Find Formatting and Document Options in Word 2007 Ribbons of Buttons

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The Office Button
Is in the upper left hand corner, Click on this Icon for Open, Saving and Printing.

The Quick Access Toolbar
along the top is setup  to have
Buttons for:
New Document, Open, Save, Save As, Undo, Redo, Print Preview, Print, and Spell Check.

The Ribbons  are a set of tabs below the Office Button and they contain all the formatting and document options. Each tab on the Ribbon is like a menu in earlier versions.   DETAILS BELOW

Special Controls Ribbons
Tables, Pictures, Text Boxes and other objects will show their own ribbons of controls.  Look here for deep & fine control of what you are editing.
The ribbons of buttons in Word
NOTE: The full old fashioned Word formatting dialogs can be opened by clicking this tiny corner icon in each section. Show Rulers with tab controls
Home Ribbon
  • Cut Copy Paste
  • Font

Font name and size
Bold, Underline, Color

  • Paragraph

Alignment and Spacing

  • Style

Headings, Select a style, Remove a style

Insert Ribbon

  • Page Breaks
  • Tables
  • Illustrations

Pictures, Clip Art, Shapes

  • Headers & Footers

Page #s, Headers, Footers

  • Text Objects

Text Boxes, Word Art
Form Field, Symbols
Date and Time

  • Links

Hyperlinks, Bookmarks

Page Layout Ribbon

  • Page Setup

Margins, Paper size,
Page Orientation, Columns

  • Page Background

Page Border, Watermark, and Page color

  • Paragraph

Spacing and indent

  • Arrange

Text Wrapping, Alignment and Order of pictures etc.

Review Ribbon

  • Proofing

Spell Check, Thesaurus Document Language, Translation, Word Count

  • Comments & Tracking

Add Comments
Track changes


NOTE: References Ribbon
New extensive controls for proper Footnotes, Citations & Table of Contents

Add-Ins Ribbon

  • End Note X

Bibliography and citation software

Remember the Special Controls Ribbons
Always look there for detailed control of whatever you are editing or have selected

Finding Lost Editing Options and Dialogs without Using the Ribbon

If you need to quickly find a formatting option, the one menu they did not get rid of holds the answer:  the Context Menu. Right Click on anything in your document and the context menu of all the options for formatting that thing pops up. The context menu has always been the fastest way to access specific options for what you are working on in a document
There are only a few examples here but everything you right click on will give you its options.  If you see a context menu option with   …   after it and it brings up a familiar dialog box with lots of formatting options.

Context Menu

For Example right click on a list item and two sections of the context menu will be about formatting your list.



Selection Changes the Context Menu

                Select something like a table row or column and the Context Menu options change to be appropriate to your selection.


Right click in any cell of a table:

Select a few table rows and then right click and get different options

NOTE: Context menus may be the fastest way to modify a part of a document but for deep fine control remember to look for the Special Controls Ribbon tabs to the right of the standard ribbons.